I didn’t SEE the point, at first

I did not want to do the SEE Program. I just did not see the point in being in this program. It happened to be one of my best highlights at Truman! In the SEE Program I learned a lot about other people and also myself. I’m not really the social type, so I got the chance to meet new people. People I actually still talk to on campus. Being in this program I learned that you have to more open minded in college because of the mixture of people you will meet. In high-school I was very confrontational and I never really listened to other people perspectives. I do not like being wrong about anything, but I knew I could not be this way in college. It is okay to be wrong. It is okay to be open to other people perspectives. Also, I took for granted getting ahead in math (pre-algebra). I wish I would have did more because that really can sneak up on you. Overall, it was a mini introduction just on how college life can be. I was more prepared for college.

– Noneeka Harris, S.E.E. Cohort of 2016