I didn’t SEE the point, at first

I did not want to do the SEE Program. I just did not see the point in being in this program. It happened to be one of my best highlights at Truman! In the SEE Program I learned a lot about other people and also myself. I’m not really the social type, so I got the chance to meet new people. People I actually still talk to on campus. Being in this program I learned that you have to more open minded in college because of the mixture of people you will meet. In high-school I was very confrontational and I never really listened to other people perspectives. I do not like being wrong about anything, but I knew I could not be this way in college. It is okay to be wrong. It is okay to be open to other people perspectives. Also, I took for granted getting ahead in math (pre-algebra). I wish I would have did more because that really can sneak up on you. Overall, it was a mini introduction just on how college life can be. I was more prepared for college.

– Noneeka Harris, S.E.E. Cohort of 2016

S.E.E. Helped me Build Relationships

The SEE program has been one of my favorite experiences as a freshman at Truman State University. If I was told to repeat it I would. It was a life changing experience in my perspective, why? Because I was this shy girl that didn’t know how to interact with others. I was worried that I would come to Truman and not find close friends. The SEE program helped me to figure out relationships and to meet other people from different backgrounds and beliefs. This experience gave me hope as a first year college student. It not only helped me social wise but education wise, where we had study sessions split throughout the week and scheduled activities. This might sound boring and inconvenient but the strategies that I picked up from those planned days and weeks were actually a stepping stone of being an efficient student and a survival mechanism to survive Truman State University.

– Esther Njoki, S.E.E. Cohort of 2017

Laying the Foundation for Success

The S.E.E. Program is one of the best resources I ever had on Truman’s campus. This program allowed me and my peers to explore and get to know the campus a lot more, getting a head start on classes such as writing and math, getting to know the town all while making great friends in the process. S.E.E. laid the foundation for me and has helped me continue my success at Truman even outside the program. I’ve made lasting connections with the Multicultural Affairs Center that could last me a lifetime and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t know where I’d be or how I would survive emotionally had it not been for the people at S.E.E.

The S.E.E. program inspired me to be more active on campus. I have been involved with African Student Association, Hispanic American Leadership Organization, the Muslim Student Association, Minority Ambassadors Program, and Association of Black Collegians. I’ve held leadership positions in many of those organizations, and have even participated in a search committee to select a student representative for the Board of Governors.

– Eboni Miller, S.E.E. Cohort of 2014